About Us

Our thoughts and background

Xchange Cash & Trade is one of the biggest Pawn Shops located in Albany!  Here at Xchange we specialize in a variety of merchandise. We pay the highest prices for anything from Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Antiques, High-End Electronics, Video Games, Musical Instruments, Tools, and much much more! With a relaxed family-friendly atmosphere, Xchange is a great place to come check out with friends and family. Have something you are looking to sell? We might buy it! Give us a call anytime or just stop on in with what you have.


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Product Guide

Some of the products we buy, sell & trade

  • We pay top price for Gold & Silver
  • Collectibles and antiques
  • Guitars and other musical instruments
  • Better pricing on video games, from vintage to the newest on the market!
  • Power tools
  • Plus much more

Televistions, Automotive Equipment, Sporting Goods and more... Generators, Power Tools, Snowblowers and more...

Musical Instruments, Antiques, Sports Memorabilia and more... Jewelry, Gold & Silver Coins, Electronics and more...


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you guys buy?
Our motto here at Xchange is we buy and sell almost anything! We specialize in anything from Gold, Silver, Jewelery, High-end Electronics, Musical Instruments, Video Games, Tools, Antiques, and much more!

I’m not sure if I want to sell what I have, can I get second opinions?
Absolutely. This goes for Jewelry as well as anything else you want to sell to us. We keep our offers at the highest prices possible, we always encourage second opinions!

How can I tell if I’m getting a fair deal on my merchandise?
At Xchange you are sure to get a fair deal on anything you have to sell. We do research based on current market values, this goes for new and used items. Then we share our research with our customers, and then we work together to come up with a fair deal. Gold and Silver prices are based on daily market values, we keep our offers at top dollar!

Does your store issue out Pawns or Loans?
Technically we are a Pawn Shop, but no we do not give out any Pawns or Loans. We strictly buy and sell almost anything.

Are any of your electronics warrantied or guaranteed?
Here at Xchange all of our electronics are fully tested and guaranteed. Our TV’s and Video Game Systems come with 1-Month Warranties.

Is your pre-owned Jewelry cleaned? How do I know if something is real or fake?
Here at Xchange we pride ourselves on our collection of Jewelry. Only the finest pieces make it to our cases, and before they get there they are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, polished, and shined. We do not purchase anything that is fake, so there is no way a fake piece of jewelry would make it to our cases. But just in case we do have equipment to prove that! We have top of the line Diamond Testers, Gold Testing kits, and Ultrasonic Jewelery cleaners.